Who are we?
We are a team of ten young students from Germany. We want to point the way for more tolerance all over the world.

Our vision
We have the vision to counter extremism by submitting the message of tolerance in our community. Our main aim is to build up tolerance between religions, because it is desirable to live in an open-minded world, in which differences between cultures and religions don’t matter. That is why we are planning to build a strong community, in which tolerance and diversity are expressed by selfies.

Our target groups
The Internet is a mass medium, which everybody uses. Therefore we wish to address different target groups via internet:

Our first target group is the so-called “uncommitted majority”, people who don’t have a clear opinion on extremism. It’s these people, whose awareness for tolerance we would like to raise. In our vision they should become ambassadors for tolerance and less violence in the world.

In our opinion, “people at risk” for becoming extremists are an even more important target group. These are mostly people, who hit rock bottom in their lives, who feel isolated or face the problem to get in touch with others in their lives. That’s where extremist recruiters get into the game and offer a seemingly “intact community”, which is full of hate and intolerance in the end.

As parents, teachers and social workers affect the shaping of children’s and young adults’ opinion to a great extent, our digital campaign is also addressed to them. We wish to raise awareness for tolerance and for open-minded thinking.